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You think you know us, but you do not.

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Name:Mystic Howl.
Location:United States of America
Website:The Shewolf.
Name: Mystic Howl.
Gender: Shewolf.
Age: 14 in human years, 218 in canine years.
Breed: Lupus.
Auspice: Theurge.
Tribe Red Talons.
Camp: Warders of the Land.
Personality: Distant, enigmatic and highly observant, she prefers to speak little and is very slow to anger. When she does anger, it's swift and violent, giving the offender little time to react. Highly intuitive, she sees the deeper meanings in puzzles and spiritual matters.
Background: Born the odd black wolf in a white wolf pack at Denali National Park in Alaska, she was the sole survivor in her litter and was unphased to learn her true heritage as a Garou. She knew she was not born of the alpha male and female in the pack before the grey wolf who became her mentor would fetch her. She passed her Rite of Passage with ease and is on the search for a pack to join as its resident Seer.

[This is a Role-Play journal for an original character for the Old World of Darkness game system. Old World of Darkness is © White Wolf Games & Publishing.]

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ahroun, ajaba, ananasi, apis, arca, archid, australia, avatar, bagheera, bastet, black furies, black spiral dancers, bone gnawers, bubasti, bunyip, caern, camazotz, canada, cats, ceilican, celestine, changelings, changing breeds, children of gaia, chimera, chimerling, cockroach, corax, coyote, coyotes, crinos, croatan, dark ages: werewolf, dark alliances: vancouver, dragons, falcon, fenrir, fenris, ferocity, fetishes, fianna, gaia, galliard, garou, get of fenrir, get of fenris, glass walkers, glasswalkers, glory, gnosis, go-en, grondr, gryphon, gurahl, hakken, helios, hengeyokai, hispo, homid, honor, howl, howling, howls, hunting, individuality, infamy, iron riders, jaggling, juko, khan, kitsune, kumo, luna, lupus, manabozho, metis, mokolé, mythology, naga, nezumi, nuwisha, okuma, owl, owod, pegasus, philodox, pumonca, qualmi, ragabash, rage, rage across appalachia, rage across australia, rage across egypt, rage across new york, rage across russia, rage across the amazon, rage across the heavens, rage across the world, rat, ratkin, red talons, respect, rokea, roleplaying, roleplaying games, rpgs, sambuhenge, same bito, sept, shadow lords, silent striders, silver, silver fangs, simba, spirits, spirituality, stag, swara, talens, tengu, the silver record, theurge, tracking, uktena, unicorn, vampires, weaver, wendigo, werewolf: dark ages, werewolf: the apocalypse, werewolf: the wild west, werewolves, white howlers, white wolf, willpower, world of darkness, wyld, wyrm, zhong lung
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